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Participated contests, feature of my artwork on other artists' website

My Artwork, "Flip Face Ambiguity" has been awarded first place in the "optical illusion contest" of FAA and been featured on artist Liana Spinner's website under the tab "optical illusion contest"

My Art ''Lady in Ornaments'' has been achieved first place in the Express Yourself Showdown FAA online contest and been featured in artist Mario Feijoca's website 

My art works "Woman with Pitcher" and A Journey by Rickshaw" have been achieved 1st and second place respectively in  Colorful Summer time artwork contest of  FAA 

My artwork ''Woman and nature" has been awarded second place in the  The Freedom of Art contest of FAA

My artwork "Woman and Nature" has been the winner in 'painting category' in Art Education contest of FAA which is being judged by Jury of Fine Art America and been featured in the Jury, artist Warren M Gray's art website..

Hi, this is me, Shakhenabat Kasana (Shampan). I am from the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, currently living in London, United Kingdom. Painting has always been my most favourite hobby and I have never considered painting as a profession! This is what I do from my heart; for my own peace of mind! They are like my children! That’s why I’ve never sold any of my original paintings and not willing to do so in future as well! I am a Nutritionist and a HR person by profession. But painting always inspired me to do what I am doing now by profession.

I had a natural instinct for drawing since my childhood. I used to try to draw whatever I observed. To encourage my keenness for drawing and painting, I was admitted to a children art school in Dhaka. My dad’s inspiration is always the major driving force for me to make artworks. And, he is still the best critic of my artworks. I used to participate in national and international children art competitions regularly and achieved various awards in my childhood. Among them the championship award in the International Children Day Art Competition arranged by Govt. of Bangladesh, UNICEF award in the competition "We Too Belong" and 'Nigata Japan' awards are mentionable.

I love colours and try to use them in my work as much as I can. I come from a country with picturesque landscapes and scenic beauty! The rural beauty of Bangladesh comprises a healthy portion of my watercolour paintings. I try to represent the inner goodness and badness of people through my work and colours. I regularly visit art exhibitions to motivate and inspire myself doing more artworks. I have played with many media such as, oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, pen/pencil sketch. But I love watercolour the most! As I find it much challenging and enjoyable too.

Basically, I do painting in my leisure time. Many of my paintings I had already gifted to my friends and relatives long before. I keep uploading more paintings as I finish. I would be honoured and delighted if my artworks are viewed and liked!