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Madhubani paintings or Mithila Paintings is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India. The painting was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud wall of huts, but now it is also done on cloth, hand-made paper and canvas. I always used to love Madhubani paintings. I wanted toi buy them to decorate my house. Whenever I went to India, I looked for it but couldnt buy any as they were very very expensive. Recently, I thought, why not I try to paint madhubani art by myself! I searched internet and found lots of them. Then I tried to paint being inspired by those from internet and my imagination. Hope you will like it.

"A Journey by Rickshaw"

This is my 3rd madhubani art where I introduced object, a rickshaw which can never be found in this type of art. This is a special type of tricycle, very common and famous in my country, Bangladesh. A rickshaw puller decorates rickshaw with lots of colours and pictures which I thought really fits in madhubani art which is typically very colourful and ornamental. A 12" by 17" watercolour work on paper - original available for sale!

''Lady in ornaments'' 

This is my first madhubani - a reproduction of the ''Indian Beauty'' by Madhubani painter Vidushini after her kind permission. A 12" by 17" watercolour work on paper.

"Dancing Woman"

This is my second Modhuboni Art. A 12" by 17"  water colour on paper work with typical modhuboni style.