My Art World

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Water colour is my one of the most favourite media. All my watercolour works are here to enjoy

"Peaches and bananas" - This is simply a whimsical practice of still life after 14 years, a watercolour work on 4.1" x 5.9" watercolour paper. Original available for sale! 

"A Walk to remember" - an A4 watercolour work on paper. This is Belmont garden, within walking distance from my place...a calm and quite place for relaxing, walking, painting and breathing..Original available for sale!!

"Village landscape of Bangladesh 2" - This is my second in the Bangladesh landscape A4 watercolour work on paper - Original available for sale!!

"Poppy blossom 2" - Second painting in the flower/poppy series, A4 sized watercolour on paper. Original available for sale!

"Pisces" - First painting of my fish series..I love the natural colour blends in gold fish and inspired to make a series of goldfish.. an A4 sized watercolour work on paper, Original available for sale!

"Village Landscape of Bangladesh"- a typical view of rural Bangladesh: calm and quiet, tranquil; serene, pollution free, green. Although I am from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, I love villages. My loving country is obviously much more beautiful than the village in my painting. A 8" by 6" watercolour work on paper - original Available for sale.

"Abstract Autumn"I love Autumn and the colours of it..Tried to express it though a maple leaf..A 8" by 6" watercolour work on paper - original available for sale!

"Beloved Autumn"- This is my another aututm painting in watercolour. I wanted to capture fall in the portion of Hyde park. Both are my favourites..Fall and Hyde park. A watercolour work on A4 watercolour paper - original is available for sale!

"Lonesome Valley" - Sometimes I really love to paint undetailed work with watercolour. Usually I used to make some watercolour greeting cards during festive periods in my childhood to sell to my parents, grand mother and aunts. It was actually my grand mother's idea that why she should buy greeting cards from shops while her grandchild could paint for her which she liked a lot and could buy ; at same time I would have some pocket money. She herself marketed my greeting cards among my extended family. That time I made a lot of greeting cards by undeatiled work..Thought I should reproduced some of them in larger papers from my memory and dedicate to my loving late grand mother. This is a watercolour work on A4 watercolour paper - original is available for sale!

"Richmond Park" - Recently me and my husband visited Richmond park. I am amazed by the natural beauty of Richmond park. It was a lovely sunny day. We took many pictures. One of them I transformed into my painting. Its a diptych watercolour work on two A4 sized paper. Original available for sale!

"Poppy blossom" - Currently, I am painting flower in watecolour. This is the first in this series-Poppy blossom. Original available for sale!

"Early Autumn Landscape" - My love for autumn is not new. This artwork I have made being inspired by the artwork of Artist Z. L. Feng and uploaded on my website and here with his kind permission. I am a great fan of his watercolour landscapes!!